Shindo Ramen-Logo

Ebi Tantan Mazesoba

Shindo Ramen x Schwedakong

SHINDō RAMEN was established in 2017 by the owner who lived in Tokyo before and had the opportunity to experience the taste, art, culture and concept of kinds of ramen.
He studied hard for the knowledge and research about Ramen from every channels as much as he could.
When he returned to Thailand, he thought that he would like to express his experience through out the harmony of matching soup and noodles in his own way.
The meaning of Shindo is “New way” which is their philosophy to create new a ways of ramen cooking in order to make the unique taste in Thailand.
For that reason, having a menu with the same name with the restaurant is thier features.
Concept of Shindo-Ramen soup is NOT using only shoyu and salt powder, but we choose variety of thai local ingredients to create the new way of soup as their philosophy.
They are creating the new styles of ramen in Thailand and will never stop looking for a new taste in everyday.