Sirlion Beef Tepanyaki


Hina’s Japanese restaurant located on the MBK Center, 6th floor. The word Hina came from Hina Matsuri festival, which is a Japanese celebration day that the whole family come together for Setting Hina dolls at home. For bless the daughter to have good life With Home cooking healthy food to make all family healthy too. Hina restaurant inspired to serve premium Japanese food. For Thai and foreign customers who have visited MBK Center for more than 4 years. Hina try to impress every customer With food that has been carefully selected from sources around the world Created by a Japanese chef Very experienced Through the process of cooking carefully in every dish and deliver through friendly service like serving family members.
EIGHT PARADISE 8 types of fresh fish that combine the finest ingredients Fresh from the best source, prepare by the professional chef. Therefore getting raw fish that is firm, sweet and refreshing.
HINA TREASURE SUSHI SET Popular Sushi Menu from Hina Customers. With the understanding from the chef who is willing to make the customer is impressed Therefore intending to sushi with experience Making every pieces of sushi with the fullness of the rice that fits well with the flavor that can be cooked perfectly with the quality fresh fish from the sea.
HINA SIGNATURE DON Another popular menu that can be eat every day. With the perfect variety of large fish fillets on rice, intense flavor, sweet, sour, and mellow with Wasabi All that is Hina uniqueness.