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Omi Beef Okaki

Omi Beef celebrates the heritage of the old Omi region (Present-day Shiga Prefecture) as Japan’s oldest brand boasting quality that stands head and shoulders with the nation’s other famous brands, Kobe and Matsuzaka Beef. Okaki’s Omi beef features soft texture and outstanding flavor. Traditional thinking values greater fat content with a higher melting point and a more solid texture, but the lower melting point of Okaki’s Omi beef fat means that it melts in your mouth as its refreshingly wonderful flavor bathes your tongue. While markets focus on appearance in ranking beef, Okaki places a priority on the quality that goes into production, quality such as the feed and water that improve the taste of Omi beef.
This enthusiasm for top quality is the force behind Okaki’s drive to perfect its production techniques and deliver tasty Omi beef to you.
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