Temaki Sushi


88 SHOKUDO NIPPON (Hachi-Hachi Shokudo Nippon) is the first PREMIUM JAPANESE FOOD HALL in Thailand, located at 5 floor Isetan, CentralWorld in December 2015.
There are 7 famous restaurants in Japan, including
“Roppongi Sushi Komatsu”, a sushi restaurant from Roppongi, Tokyo.
“NIHONBASHI DASHI BAR”, a Japanese restaurant that uses “Dachi (Bonito Fish Soup Stock)” which is the heart of Japanese food.
“MENYA MUSASHI BUKOTSU”, a concentrated ramen soup shop which made “W soup” from fish and pork bones.
“TEPPAN CHIBO”, teppanyaki shop from Osaka.
“MANTEN-BOSHI TOKYO”, French restaurant in Japanese-style.
“WIRED CAFE”, Japanese style coffee shop.
Every shop is the first launch in Thailand.
Our Premium Japanese Food Hall has a special table which you can see the chef while cooking and taste the authentic Japanese food.

When disassembling the letters ” 米(= rice) “, it becomes ” 八十八(= 88)”.
This also is said to be because put your hands 88 times until the rice grows .
For us Japanese , “米(= rice)” has become the main meal for a long time , “米” is the food that will tell the roots of our food and our predecessors’ thought.